Voters Trust Launches on the Fourth of July

The Voters Trust is preparing to launch on July 4, 2013.

The Trust will be a key component of the effort to identify and mobilize America’s conservative voters.

Stung by the politics of division practiced by many, millions of conservatives have chosen to either remain silent or even “stay home” rather than support candidates they don’t care for.

Purged from GOP lists and scorned by the haughtiness of supporters of the moderate nominees, conservatives have remained silenced by GOP political elite. Ironically, this cleansing has stripped the party of its ability to win elections.

The Voters Trust will offer conservatives a safe place to engage in the process again. The Trust will be the “what’s next” for conservative and independent voters who are disgusted with both parties who seem more interested in money, power and control than they do America and freedom.

The Trust will focus on old school organization techniques with new school technology. Focusing on basic get out the vote techniques that have been successful for centuries in America, the Trust will be the difference in chosen elections for decades to come.

The goal of the Trust will be to organize the 184,000 precincts in the USA by ensuring we identify the disgusted, learn from the disaffected and create a clear path to the ballot box free of coercion, fraud and deceit for millions of Americans.

Our founders are battle tested conservatives. We have died the same deaths, mourned the same losses and suffered the same pain as all America.

We have more than a century of experience in political campaigns. We pledge to honor your commitment of time and work by promising to remain focused on building a sustainable conservative movement run by the voices of America - We the People.

Please join thousands of conservatives who have already joined the Trust as Charter Members prior to our launch on the Fourth of July.

We are not asking you for money. We are asking you to trust in each other.

Sign-up today at voterstrust.com.


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